Why Drumcliffe?

The Drumcliffe School of Irish Dance is one of Upstate New York’s premiere dance schools.  Since its founding over 25 years ago, the Drumcliffe School’s reputation for offering precise dance instruction, combined with creative choreography has attracted both recreational and competitive dancers alike.

Over the years, the School has produced dozens of national and international championship solo dancers and teams, while also offering its students the opportunity to dance at more than 100 public performances throughout the year.  

Each Spring, the school performs a themed dance production, which is growing in reputation as one of the area’s most creative and stunning displays of Irish dance and culture.  

During the year, Drumcliffe continues to focus its efforts on both solo as well as team competitive events.  Whether you attend feises or not, the classes are designed to improve students dance technique by consistently training dancers to have good foot position, posture, timing, and performance.  Below is a list of characteristics for each of the above.  These are the things to look for while watching Irish dancing.


Foot Placement Posture Timing Performance
Toes turned out Stand up tall Reel 4/4 Smile
High up on tip of toe Head and eyes up Light Jig 6/8 but we count similar to a reel Energy
Crossed at all times Hands in fists Slip Jig 9/8 Consistency
Pointed when off ground Arms locked to sides Hornpipe 4/4 or 2/4 Aggressive
Shouders back Treble Jig 6/8 Confidence

Classes are set-up based on dancer’s needs from above and levels which are determined by the teacher(s).  Drumcliffe has 3 certified Irish Dance Teachers through the Irish Dance Commission.  We also have many former students of Drumcliffe that continue to help drive our instruction.